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Sweetheart Ham 2lbs

Sweetheart Ham 2lbs


32.00 Ounces
Price per Oz.

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Approx. 1.7-2.3 lbs @ $14.99/lb. **You will be charged for the exact weight of the ham you receive at the stated per pound price.

These little gems are made from pork sirloin tip, placed in a brine of herbs, garlic and onions for 10 days. The ham is then smoked over applewood for 10 hours. The result is a dense ham with a deep flavor that will add depth to any recipe. Great on sandwiches, in a Benedict, or in your favorite soup. Portland-based Olympia Provisions only butchers antibiotic-free, high-quality pork and allows the cured meat to age naturally, without cooking or irradiation.

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