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Roasted Peanuts, In-Shell, Unsalted 12oz

Roasted Peanuts, In-Shell, Unsalted 12oz

12.00 Ounces
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Roasted Peanuts, Jumbo In Shell, Unsalted, 12oz. Flame-fired, barrel-roasted jumbo peanuts in the shell. The slow-and-low roasting technique ensures an even roast, enhancing the flavor of these legumes. Packed with protein, they make a great snack! Take them to a baseball game, or pack them for your next hiking adventure.

To serve warm: spread peanuts one layer deep on a cookie sheet and roast in the over for 8-10 minutes at 275°F, stirring after 5 minutes.

Ingredients: U.S. grown dry roasted jumbo in-shell peanuts

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