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Ground Coffee Beans

We proudly feature Hillsboro's own, Dapper & Wise Roasters. Hand selected beans are masterfully roasted in small batches on their vintage Probat UG22 roaster. Dapper & Wise strives to highlight the unique flavors characteristic of origin and variety, while emphasizing sweetness and clarity. 

These coffee beans are ground to drip (automatic coffee makers) specifications.

Our favorite coffee and some amazing people: "Our goal at Dapper & Wise is to source and roast the best coffees we can find, to keep inventing new ways to treat our employees and coffee producers better, to be funny slightly more often than we are serious, to consistently offer the tastiest coffees and beverages in our cafes, to be at minimum very nice to everyone who walks in our doors, to teach our friends and customers about coffee in a friendly and un-pretentious way, and to have fun while we are doing all of those things."