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Electric Vehicle Delivery

EV Delivered

Green Truck Grocery’s dedication to the community and environment stretches beyond the food we sell. We’re the only electric vehicle grocery delivery service in Portland and when you order from us, you’re not only supporting the local economy, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. With us, you’ll also discover natural, organic, locally sourced products that fit any lifestyle, from paleo, vegetarian, vegan, to gluten-free.

Low-waste packaging

Low Impact

Green Truck Grocery focuses on low-waste packaging, hand-selected by our team and made from materials that are easy to recycle or compost. We use Enviro Ice cold packs with nitrogen-based ingredients that can also be used as plant food. It's 100% safe to pour down the drain, ultimately reducing landfill waste. We also work with EcoEnclose for our biodegradable, compostable packaging. You're welcome to leave your own cooler out for us to fill, further reducing the need for unwanted packaging. Just make a note for us when you check out so we're sure to pack your order accordingly!

Renewable Energy sources

Our Facility

We aspire to be self-sustainable and environmentally responsible, not only on the road, but at our warehouse too. Our facility features LED fixtures and lighting, an energy-efficient water heater, as well as a charging station for our electric vehicles. Our office flooring is comprised of 100% recycled PET polyester made from post-consumer plastic drinking bottles. For power, we draw from strictly renewable energy provided by Portland General Electric and its Green Future Choice Program. This allows us to use solar, wind, and other renewable resources to power our facility.

Local Relationships

The Last Mile

At Green Truck Grocery we build relationships with the people who make our products. By going directly to the source, we shorten the supply chain and keep as much of your money as possible in the local economy. Cutting down the miles for your groceries means less pollution, food waste, and energy spent.

Community Matters

Community Matters

We love Portland and want to do our part to uplift the local community. Our team takes every opportunity to work with local farmers, producers, and contractors. In the future, we will be to hosting monthly events and community initiatives to show our support. Stay tuned!